Introducing BrandLauncher

BrandLauncher is an all-in-one approach to building your online business. It is an integrated brand design, business management, and customer communication solution – for one low monthly cost.

We provide you with a BRAND NEW design, and a single dashboard for access to all of your online and social activities. We also make it easy to manage your customers with communication tools that help keep them engaged so you can retain and grow your business.

Here’s how BrandLauncher Works…

BrandLauncher allows you spread the cost of web design & maintenance, search engine optimization, online listings management, customer management, video production, and social media marketing over a 12 month payment plan. This greatly reduces the cost and tasks of maintaining and growing your customer base, and managing and maintaining your brand and identity.  BrandLauncher is like having a full-time technology professional on your staff for 1/4 of the cost.


ecommerce web design

Responsive Web Design

A website created with adaptive-responsive theme design that provides a great user experience regardless of the device your customer is using.


wordpress seo services

SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization combined with DexHub will help make your website as visible and prominent as possible on search engines like GoogleTM Search, Yahoo!® and BingTM


web management services

Online Listings Management

An online reputation monitor to manage all of your listings across the web and keep tabs on your reputation and social buzz.

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Customer Management

A customer engagement platform that helps you manage your customer database, send text and email messages, schedule appointments, and track your business growth and success.


Video brings your business to life and tells your story in a more engaging way than just words on a page. Video creates a story and conveys emotion. If a picture is worth a thousand words, our video solution is priceless!

wordpress management services

Social Media Marketing

Regular posts on Facebook® and Twitter® to promote your business and engage your customers.

Sounds Great!  Launch Your NuBrand today!

PRO = $499.99 mo.   ENTREPRENEUR = $399.99mo   STARTUP = $299.99mo.

We Build Solutions That Solve Problems

Our Proven Process, Produces Results


We meet with you and your Company advisers to identify what your vision is for your Companies future.


We take our notes from the meeting and put together and action plan to meet all of your brand goals.


We systematically execute the plan and it’s objectives to provide you with the a polished finished product.


We test all facets of the product to make sure we are 100% ready for an amazing launch experience.


We deliver a expert solution that ignites your brand globally, and grows with you as your Company grows.

A NuBrand for the New Year is what YOU deserve!

New Creative Ideas, New Innovations, New Marketing ideas!

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