temibots – Autonomous Service Robots

You can help crowdfund this amazing Robotics startup company today.

We are building one of the first robot leasing programs for service based businesses.

Robots for

  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Car Dealerships
  • Medical Facilities
  • Tour Guide& Greeter



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What is a temi robot?

temibot is the world’s first personal robot that delivers ground-breaking engagement solutions for your business or personal needs. With its proprietary autonomous navigation and AI technology, you can make temibot your own personal assistant or customer service superstar!

While a smart phone can keep you connected with your loved ones, temi will keep you present!  Imagine coming home from work, and laying your cell phone on the back of temi to charge!  You have to cook dinner, but you promised your mom you would call her.  With temi, you can just say “Hey temi, Call mom”, and be completely hands free talking to mom while cooking dinner!  With temi in your life, the possibilities are endless!

For each $1.00 you donate you will receive 1 common stock share.


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